Clinton Global Initiative – Haiti

In Haiti, inspiration is part of every sunrise

This is a story of hope, technology and commitment. It takes place in Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck the country in January 2010.

Haiti and its people were in dire need of help in all kinds of ways. Stepping up, NRG made a $1 million commitment through the Clinton Global Initiative and in partnership with Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) to help the Haitian people build a thriving and sustainable economy through the greatly expanded use of solar power.

Solar is a viable alternative in all kinds of places, none more so than Haiti. In a place with low electrification even before the earthquake, a high dependency on fossil fuels, and high energy prices, the equation for solar was well established.

More than ever, Haiti needed a partner to step forward to alleviate the energy poverty that plagues the country’s communities. NRG Solar stepped in and became part of the solution. Today, that commitment is evident in several tangible developments:

  • A completed solar system at the Lashto Fish Farm — the fish hatchery, operated by Caribbean Harvest, uses 63 PV panels (14,490 W total) and a battery system to provide 24/7 power under normal weather conditions.
  • The Bon Berger du Domond School — this is one of several installations developed at Haitian schools. This one uses 12 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels (2,760 W total) and a backup battery system to power lights, computers and an electric piano.
  • Partners in Health — additional solar installations extend the impact to the medical field, helping to keep the power flowing to places like Mirebalais Hospital, Boucan Carre Health Center and Hospital Bernard Mevs.

The story here is more than an NRG Solar story and the benefits of solar technology. It’s a personal story, too, as people throughout NRG Energy have taken an active role in helping Haiti recover, beginning in the days immediately after the earthquake struck. They donated some $428,000 for immediate relief aid and another $100,000 to fund the construction of the school. Yes, it’s about solar technology — and it’s also about people, commitment and the ability to make a difference.

NRG Solar installed the project, which is now owned by the project site owners.

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