Products & Solutions

Our approach to solar means each project is tailored for an individual customer. Our subsidiary, Sunora Energy Solutions, provides engineering, procurement and construction expertise, as well as fabrication of custom solar-array panels.

We also leverage partners to achieve the best result and maximum efficiency. Because we are flexible and not tied to any one technology, we design best-case, no-compromise solar solutions that fit customers’ needs, not ours. Above all, we are creative, helping the sun power the places where people work, play and learn every day. Our clean energy solar solutions have been deployed at stadiums, college campuses, school districts, hospitals, municipalities, corporations and retail businesses.

Methods of Deployment

Ground-mounted, fixed trackers

The modules are deployed on a fixed racking system, typically oriented south with an optimal tilt. There are no moving parts and maintenance is very minimal compared to tracking systems.

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Ground-mounted, single-axis trackers

Modules are mounted on a single-axis tracker deployed along a north-south axis, allowing the innovative modules to track the movement of the sun from east to west, day by day.

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Ground-mounted, dual-axis trackers

Modules are mounted on a dual-axis tracker that can track the full movement of the sun’s path to capture the highest amount of direct irradiance throughout the day.

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Roof-mounted systems

This solar solution is deployed on a fixed racking system on roofs of various sizes, either with a penetrating mount or ballasted (non-penetrating) solar system.

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Elevated/high bay canopy

Whether it’s on a walkway, parking ramp or football stadium, our elevated solar canopies absorb the sun’s energy to bring your business an attractive, innovative solution.

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Utility systems

Utility solar systems are typically large in scale, ground-mounted and either fixed or employ tracking, and they are located in remote, open areas with abundant sunlight.

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Crystalline silicon is the material most prevalently used in solar modules today, in both commercial and residential applications.

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Thin film

Thin-film technology delivers reliability and enables the use of fewer amounts of active solar materials compared to traditional silicon modules.

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Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV)

CPV technology uses optics such as lenses or curved mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto a high-efficiency PV cell to generate electricity.

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Concentrated solar power (CSP)

In sunny areas, CSP technology uses optics such as mirrors or lenses to concentrate sunlight onto specific areas of a heat collector.

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